Antiquate Hate EP

by The Quarantined

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    Sean Martin - Vocals/Guitar
    Nick Loxx -- Bass
    Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs -- Drums
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Mixed at 916 Studios, Los Angeles, CA by G1
Recorded at Ultimate Studios Inc, Panorama City, CA by Charlie Waymire
Executive Producer: Sean Martin
Producer: G1, Charlie Waymire, Brian "Hacksaw" Williams, Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs, Alex Diaz
Assistant Audio Engineer: Federico Angel
Music and lyrics by Sean Martin
Mastering: George "G1" Archie

The Quarantined:
Sean Martin -- Vocals/Guitar
Kaspars Grinbergs -- Drums
Alex Diaz-- Bass

Background Vocals: Hacksaw, Carrie Lester
2nd Guitar on all tracks but "Feeding you Lies" -- Edi Roque

Logo designed by Fedor Morozoff
Album art by Jad Dovey
EP cover by Courtney Manlove


released August 3, 2017

Antiquate Hate; A poem by Sean Martin

I decided one day to put my heart on display.
I gave everything I had - my focus and attention
and decided
I'd start with nothing and build something from nothing.
I had training and experience, I had desire and vision
I put my only 2 cents in that was worth any mention
scrutiny comes when the truth is told
but will you even allow it to enter your soul?
will you listen with openness and hear the cry,
centuries old,
that power is scared away from the shy?
"I am no coward - I have no fear!"
were the famous last words you ever did hear.

I am not static; though I sleep on cement,
I give one so all may have some, and save their lament.
there is no limit on love- in love as in war,
From trench, to private chalets of pure desire-
we put our hopes and dreams on fire
that one day,
just maybe
this era of pain will go on vacation
antiquate hate, poverty, homelessness, starvation,
Then the future is pure imagination!

Never give up on your self,
power comes from within.
but for now, Remember-
They've been lying to your faces
now eat your chagrin.


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The Quarantined Los Angeles, California

The Quarantined is a punk/metal/grunge group out of Los Angeles, CA. Using many genres and multiple lyrical styles, this band creates vivid imagery in their emotionally charged and socially critical songs that bring poignant realities of global issues in society and culture. ... more

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Track Name: No Regrets
V1: I watch the smoke fill the air in front of me
Another hand slides over my chest
its just been us together for awhile now
if by a while I mean an hour
and those feelings dont wash over me
that sensation of love evades my heart
you are everything that I wanted for tonight
but you know that you mean nothing, right...nothing right?

Ch: I don't even try to explain anymore
but I know your love shakes me to the core
I want it like it used to be
as I fiend for more of your sex and no regrets

V2: I wont apologize, no not today
cause insanity infects my brain, (enjoying life in disarray)
I look inside but can't deny
I may be here but I don't know why; (must be that addiction in the way)

Ch2: And thats all there is to say
And I know this is just for today
but can you...Can you come back tomorrow
just gimme more of that sex and no regrets

No regrets? no regrets!
Track Name: Drink to Forget
V1: How the bottle flows down, away
Gone forever in haze
Blood drips down: must be fate
Sold my last two cents of grace
Trapped inside a cerebral maze
faced my memories I wished were fake

Pre chorus: and as I try to forget you this time
Dreams of suicide replace my mind
sink into my hole and soon I'll find
That I can't drink my pain away this time

Chorus: As I try to see beyond the dawn of another sun
I find it harder to conceal what I've done
As my demons force me here to make a stand
they say you can't drink away the blood off your hands

V2: Getting out while still alive
crying for help you're paralyzed
then the bottle flows away
no one cares in nothing ways
to know the truth behind the lies
is to be the one with lonely nights

Chorus2: As you try to see beyond the dawn of another sun
You find it harder to conceal what I've done
As your demons for you here to make a stand
they say you can't drink away the blood off your hands

Theres a wrong way, and right way, never truly knowing all the cost of mistakes
sad analogies, I can hear the screams rip the vivid dream from my freak twisted head
psycho memories thru the blood stream deadly as it seems
this is how we...
This why we drink to forget.
Track Name: Feeding you Lies
V1: Scuse me, while I let this rage out
been in a cage for a while and had to break out
Stop the no spin, nah, Bring the truth back in
don't want to brag, but i've been living in sin
oh shit I forgot now where to begin?
I'll try to explain but who the fuck would ever listen?
Cause ya'll have your head up your ass so allow me to unmask
the congressionals the true professional
liars and theives Bitch please, they're the criminals
I say replace em all, no residuals
since 80% of us, hate their guts
I guess now i'll be on my fucking knees in cuffs
since they can silence you on the suspicion alone
just stepped to the mike check they put two in your dome
they'll put two in your dome!

Chorus: so scream! There's a body full of bullet holes
Scream! In a world full of criminals
Can you dream! If they'll control your subliminal
(MIND) they're greatest crime is feeding you the lies

v2: There's holes, deeper than no body will ever know
filled with broken dreams, demons and lost souls
but no body breathes a word the focus is set
they forced you to put your life on a losing bet
pipe dreams they scream our national song
not asking how much blood is on the White House lawn
and why so many of our poor have to fight and die
when you can't figure out if its wrong or right
so before you go jumpin around all american
remember who had to die on your blood errands
congress doesn't give a shit, thats apparent
the banks bought em a while ago
have some coherence
they use religious ignorance to keep you on that red herring
leading you to the meat grinder empty and staring
while the brown shirts you thought were fading away
are alive and well and taking over today!

Bridge: from time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants
Embroiled in hate, distaste in a devious shape
yet only few know the game
its played with no rules
no chance and a clear winner
an unwilling player but you play all the same
its simply a ruse in the form of a truth
disguised as a hope
you were born to lose

They're feeding you lies
They're feeding you lies again.
They're feeding you lies
They're feeding you lies again.
They're feeding you lies
They're feeding you lies so...
Track Name: The End?!
V1: I walk the streets that I used to know
seeing it another way is deathly too slow
never ending it seems, never is it clean
effects of sunset leaves unfulfilled dreams
Sorrow unbridled on a drunkards swill
catch me if you can if you can seem to bear it, still
unbound and free from the many
while pining for a penny
on the sidewalk- land of the plenty.
down in a hole that very few know
its a crap shoot in a chess game
where souls get owned
im back from the dead fuckers
three times running
now don't forget you fucking owe me something!

V3: Is the end what I want can I lay to rest
if you knew my thoughts my friend you'd think its best
been told ten million times before but I'll never learn
make this world a better place?
I'd rather watch it burn

Pre: Cause what I've been told of this world is lie
made from the minds that will deny; everything!
but here we are with no surprise
watching with love as your world dies, yeah yeah yeah!

Save your tears
a reminder of your fears
steal your love away, there is nothing but decay
Save me the anger
Give me danger
I want it all
just like you do
Just like you!
Track Name: Anti- Evangelist
V1: Spittin the rhyme but not the venom/
while I talk at the hookers in cheap boots and denim
Standing on a corner, not knowing what they sellin
hot pink not scared to be seen with a villain
while her pimp rolls around in a rented escalade/
I see you troll life thinkin you got it made
but flipping the verb in life made me a renegade/
no question of what to do if it fades away
Dreaming and scheming, these demons are screamin/
holy hell to bring fat assholes to reason
drink the fountain of youth you see in your scope/
like a shaky reality that you hold up with hope
so we send it to the ether and figure its dope/
will I fall out and back down now? Fucking nope.
Dreaming of a better life like a ring you can't find/
cause I'm sick of sharing what goes on in my mind
Too many try to think but just don't know/
where my life is going and how it'll flow
Its like a backwards process to keep you on you toes/
oppressed and recessed too much my life is in tow
Behind them, like that baggage they carry
like a man in a fight just trying to be daring
he'll stand up and put his name on a dotted line
knowing damn well that its not alright
that sick and empty feeling he gives into at night
drinking himself to death over the bill of rights
he gave up his freedoms to reach for something greater
rather than be a victim of a system sequestered
they fight like rocky but never hit leather
/only to be found dead, in the nether

:Chorus:I'm not a prophet, im not a hero
Just trying to bring my life back to zero
and can I say just what might change your mind
like an Anti-evangelist on a daily grind

v2: Evangelism is like cannibalism/ when you force your beliefs and choke hold the provisions
cutting off a way of life for so many/ just so you can feel like they owe you plenty?
well I see a route of a different kind/ if your truth is evident then why you so fucking blind?
There's another way and it dont involve force/
you ignore their suffering your life is scorched earth
now, what should you say when the world keeps you down?
And everything you do be aggravating them clowns?
Thats why they fill the bandwagon every time/
with holy books not bombs to destroy your mind
and i've looked hard in this life for a rhyme and a reason/
found mental nirvana and to me thats pleasin
but these fuckers are brain-dead in all four seasons/
not ever having a clue, yet still thinkin

I'm not a prophet, im not a hero
Just trying to bring my life back to zero
and can I say just what might change your mind
like an Anti-evangelist on a daily grind

V3: Lonely's just a word but it holds a special meaning
if you walk the streets alone cause they walked upon you dreamin
I guess the world is on my head
a fit of dirty schemes plus all the pain and longing puts you out on the street
now I ain't got a past, but ain't got a friend/
I killed em off sometime ago inside my crazy head
when I snapped their fucking neck/
it wasn't a just cause, and I thought they all deserved it
and i know that makes you pause
don't wanna be attached to something I never had/
cause in my family fathers day was just a fucking fad
mother was a preacher, step-father was an ass, and i'm stuck as the bad guy a simple outcast
sick and unbelievable was my diagnosis/
Quarantined like the plague they avoid me like tuberculosis
fuck them, I dont need their help
I find a soul like mine everyday all by myself
sometimes I find a cancer to society ingrained
inside anomalies; a parody of life's sick parade
I wish it all would end in a fiery disgrace
but even inside a mushroom cloud I still find my place
here's a man breakin it down for your entertainment
Break the chain n burn it down, just try to contain it
cause I feel something creeping up, raising on my neck
maybe the guilt from living life on the corner of the edge
but life would have a meaning If I said just what I felt
but I guess thats why Im lonely here, hanging from this belt

I'm not a prophet, im not a hero
Just trying to bring my life back to zero
and can I say just what will change your mind
like an Anti-evangelist on a daily grind

Im not a prophet, Im not a hero
Just trying to get my life back to zero
so watch me say something to change your mind like
an Anti-evangelist on a daily grind