Bedroom Inc.

by The Quarantined



This is an album of cover songs I recorded on my own. I did not use any extra effects on the recording besides EQ, Compression, echo, and Reverb.
Each of these songs has a very personal meaning to me, and I just wanted to bring attention back to the original artists wonderful art by hopefully doing it justice in a stripped down acoustic setting.

I would perform these covers as warm up tunes to get me ready to perform my own music and become inspired to create my own voice.

I named the album this because it will be an ongoing project, and it all started in my 1 room apartment with nothing but a notepad, chair, a bag of weed, and a guitar.


releases April 20, 2020

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Sean Martin




The Quarantined Los Angeles, California

The Quarantined is a punk/metal/grunge group out of Los Angeles, CA. Using many genres and multiple lyrical styles, this band creates vivid imagery in their emotionally charged and socially critical songs that bring poignant realities of global issues in society and culture. ... more

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Track Name: Nobody Knows You when you're down and out --- Eric Clapton Cover---
I once lived the life of a millionaire,
Spent all my money, didn't have any cares.
Took all my friends out for a mighty good time,
we bought bootleg liqour, champagne and wine.
Then I began to fall so low,
Lost all my good friends, didn't have nowhere to go.
if I get my hands on one dollar again,
I'll hang on to it till that eagle grins.

'Cause, nobody knows you
When you're down and out.
In your pocket, not one penny,
And as for friends, you don't have any.

When you finally get back up on your feet again,
Everybody wants to be your long-lost friend.
I Said it's strange, without any doubt,
Nobody knows you when you're down and out.
Track Name: Rooster -- Alice in chains Cover
Ain't found a way to kill me yet
Eyes burn with stinging sweat
Seems every path leads me to nowhere
Wife and kids household pet
Army green was no safe bet
The bullets scream to me from somewhere

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he ain't gonna die
No, no, no, ya know he ain't gonna die

Walkin' tall machine gun man
They spit on me in my home land
Gloria sent me pictures of my boy
Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death
My buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath
Oh god please won't you help me make it through

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he ain't gonna die
No, no, no ya know he ain't gonna die
Track Name: Key to the Highway
Song by Eric Clapton, B.B. King

I got the key to the highway,
Billed out and bound to go.
I'm gonna leave here running;
Walking is most too slow.

I'm going back to the border
Woman, where I'm better known.
You know you haven't done nothing,
Drove a good man away from home.

When the moon peeks over the mountains
I'll be on my way.
I'm gonna roam this old highway
Until the break of day.

Oh give me one, one more kiss darlin
little girl Just before I go,
'Cause when I leave this time you know I,
I won't be back no more.